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Frequently Asked Questions🔗

This FAQ has been compiled to answer common questions about the PlanktoScope project and how you can get involved. We hope you find it useful and we look forward to working with you to advance our knowledge of the oceans!

Can I purchase a PlanktoScope?🔗

You can purchase a PlanktoScope - either as a kit of parts to assemble yourself or as a fully preassembled device - from a small business called FairScope, which was started by the inventor of the PlanktoScope in order to make PlanktoScopes easier to obtain. For more information, please refer to our page on how to obtain a PlanktoScope.

Where do I get support or find the necessary tools to build PlanktoScope?🔗

To find the necessary tools and knowledge to produce the PlanktoScope, consider visiting a Fablab or Hackspaces in your region. These organizations often have a culture of openness and may be willing to support you with your project.

And if you have specific questions or problems, you can always report them in the Slack Channel and in the best case you will find someone there who can support you.