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Post-Installation Configuration🔗

After installing the PlanktoScope software onto your PlanktoScope, you will need to configure the software to match your PlanktoScope hardware and your operational requirements.

Currently, all post-installation configuration is performed in the PlanktoScope software's Node-RED dashboard. To access it, you should first open the PlanktoScope's landing page in your web browser, e.g. following the instructions in the software installation guide. Then you should click the "Node-RED dashboard" link at the top of the "Browser applications" section of the landing page.

Hardware Settings🔗

You will need to choose hardware settings for the PlanktoScope software to match the actual configuration of your PlanktoScope hardware. To do this, open the navigation sidebar of the Node-RED dashboard and go to the "Hardware Settings" page. You will see a dropdown menu to select the hardware version. You should select the correct version for your PlanktoScope. This will replace all existing hardware settings with the default settings for that PlanktoScope hardware version.

Next steps🔗

Now that you have configured the PlanktoScope software, you can proceed to our guide on how to operate your PlanktoScope.